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Wellbeing, Community, Family Learning and Carers courses

What's on offer?

Kingston Adult Education offers a range of courses to improve and maintain wellbeing.

These courses include: Practical Ideas for Happiness, Relaxation & Meditation, KAE Community Choir, Restorative Chair Yoga for Wellbeing, New Start IT,  Boost your Mood with Food and Mindfulness through Art. Please contact us for further information about these courses which run throughout the year - telephone 0208 547 6700.

Other crafting courses to promote Wellbeing will be run throughout the year including Card Making and Crafting for Wellbeing.  Please call 0208 547 6700 if you are interested in these courses.

Accredited Courses in Mental Health (OCN)

Learners have an opportunity to acquire accreditation in a range of subjects covering Mental Health and Wellbeing, which are run throughout the academic year.  Each course is worth a number of credits and these credits can be accumulated by attending a variety of courses, building a qualification. 4 credits leads to an Award qualification and 13 credits enables learners to achieve a Certificate.

Units include:

  • Awareness of mental health and wellbeing
  • Stress and stress management techniques
  • Developing emotional resilience
  • Developing personal confidence and self awareness
  • Developing healthy relationships and respect
  • Social media and mental wellbeing
  • Personal and interpersonal conflict
  • Understanding the effects of sleep on health
  • Planning a healthy diet
  • Understanding the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise
  • Body image and the media
  • Understanding the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise

Family Learning

Family learning is designed for adults and children of all ages and abilities. There are a range of workshops and courses available, from two hour workshops to courses lasting 12 weeks or more. They are currently being offered in schools, children's centres, libraries and community centres within the borough.    

Family learning offers courses where parents are given the opportunity to find out about their child’s learning and development as well as boosting their own skills.

Wider family Learning offers a range of informal courses where all family members are invited to participate and learn new skills together.   

If you are a school, children's centre or community group and would like to offer learning opportunities to adults or families, please get in touch to discuss what can be arranged in your area.

Please get in touch to find out more about family learning with a view to joining a class or to host a class in a school or community venue telephone 0208 547 6700.