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Wellbeing, Community, Family Learning and Carers courses

What's on offer?

Family Learning

Family learning is designed for adults and children of all ages and abilities. There are a range of workshops and courses available, from two hour workshops to courses lasting 12 weeks or more. They are currently being offered in schools, children's centres, libraries and community centres within the borough.     

If you are a school, children's centre or community group and would like to offer learning opportunities to adults or families, please get in touch to discuss what can be arranged in your area.

There are two main types of family learning:

  • wider family learning for families
  • Family English, maths and language for families 

Wider family learning for families

Offers a range of informal courses where all family members are invited to participate and learn new skills together. Other family members are also welcome including grandparents, aunts, uncles, step families and foster families. Activities include: arts and crafts, music, cook and eat, computers, Spanish, man and boy climbing adventure weekends, sharing stories, making skeletons, creative writing and science workshops.

Family English, maths and language for families

Offers courses where parents/carers are given the opportunity to find out about their child's learning and development in English or maths (including ICT) as well as boosting their own skills. Back to work and Family finance courses are included within the programme. Families often participate in joint adult and child sessions.  There are opportunities for adults to work towards qualifications in these areas.

Wellbeing Courses

These are courses such as Practical Ideas for Happiness, Relaxation & Meditation, Singing to Reduce Stress and New Start IT, Boost your Mood with Food, plus a range of other courses.  Please contact us for further information about these courses which run throuhout the year. 

Carers' Courses

We offer Zumba for carers, Relaxation & Meditation for carers.  Please get in touch if there are other courses you would like for carers.   

Find out more 

Download our Wellbeing and Community, family learning and carers brochures to find:

  • descriptions of all the courses on offer
  • the day and time of the course
  • the date they run
  • the cost
  • the code (you use this when you contact us to book). 

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For more information about Community Learning courses or to register your interest please contact us at the King Charles Centre Tel: 020 8547 6700 email: [email protected]