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Reporting a blocked roadside drain

Finding a blocked roadside drain 

If you notice that roadside drain has become blocked by leaves or rubbish and the blockage can be easily removed, without putting yourself or others at risk, then it may be quickest to push the blockage to one side yourself.

Otherwise you can report the blockage to us using our online system.

Report a blocked roadside drain 

You can report a blocked roadside drain through our online system. You can do this anonymously or you can log in first and report it through your account (if you do not have an account you can set one up). If you log in you can track the progress of your report and receive email updates.

What we do

When tackling a blocked drain we first try digging out the blockage or using water jets to release the blockage. If this is not possible because the grating is broken, there is a tree root in the way or the pipe is broken - we will refer the matter to the relevant agency, eg highway maintenance, Thames Water or a specialist outside contractor for further works.

If the issue is urgent or dangerous please contact our environment and waste phone number so we can act on it straight away if necessary.