Eagle Brewery Wharf events management plan consultation

Eagle Brewery Wharf is a Council owned public space located on Kingston’s Thames riverside.

In 2009 Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee approved a design scheme to enhance this public space. The enhancement scheme provides a high quality, more attractive public space designed for and capable of hosting occasional outdoor public performances.

A limited number of events have been held at Eagle Brewery Wharf since it was redeveloped. The events have mainly been held under the auspices of the River Celebration and the International Youth Arts Festival. The vast majority of acts have been successful in providing free public entertainment – with music, dance and performing arts, face painting, craft workshops, etc. – and have received a high level of engagement from members of the public who have come to the location in support of the event or were passing and have stopped to observe the entertainment. Families have shown particular interest in event activities.

However, in both 2012 and 2013, events were held which led to complaints from local residents. The complaints were that the acts were inappropriate for Eagle Brewery Wharf mainly on the grounds of noise generated which caused serious disturbance to local residents.

As a result, Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee has agreed to consult residents living in properties surrounding Eagle Brewery Wharf on the Event Management Plan with the view of updating it.

Results of the consultation were discussed at the Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee on Wednesday 10 September. Until then, there is an embargo on Events in Eagle Brewery Wharf.