Consultations and surveys

How we consult

Resident engagement - get involved!

We are focusing on strengthening the relationship between the council and the community and want to involve residents in the design of local services and the things that affect you most. We are looking at doing this in new ways including citizen's assemblies, better online engagement and more open democracy. You can also get your voice heard by attending and speaking at committee meetings. To find out more visit Get involved in decision making.

We would welcome your views on how best to engage with you - if you're interested in getting involved please let us know by filling in our short survey. 

Online consultation and engagement 

We consult widely on many policy and operational issues. You can take a look at our 'Kingston: Let's Talk' engagement portal for more information and to get involved in current surveys and engagement activity. 

These include annual MORI surveys of local opinion about the level of council tax and budget priorities, to surveys about quality of life in the borough. 


If you are a tenant or leaseholder in the borough you also have several opportunities to have your say about issues that affect you through the Housing Consultative Committee, your local residents’ association, the Housing Sounding Board and Kingston Residents’ Scrutiny Panel (KRiSP). To find out how to get involved visit Housing, tenants and homeowners - Have your say.