Webcasts and audio recordings of committee meetings

Audio recordings protocol

Following the motion on a Charter for democratic transparency agreed at the Council meeting on 31 October 2011, it was agreed at the Policy and resources committee on 9 February 2012 to record meetings.

This protocol has been produced to assist the conduct of the recording of meetings and to ensure that the Council is compliant with its legal obligations.


  1. The agenda will indicate that the meeting will be recorded and the recording will be published with the minutes on the Council’s website.
  2. The Chair will include an announcement on the recording of the meeting as part of the opening of the meeting announcements.
  3. Letters/emails to applicants, supporters or objectors on planning and licensing applications on when an application will be heard will state that the meeting will be recorded and the recording will be published on the Council’s website.
  4. The Chair has the discretion to request that recording is paused if continuing to record would prejudice the proceedings of the meeting. An example of circumstances when this might be done is public disturbance or any other suspension of the meeting.
  5. Recording will stop once a motion to exclude the press and public to deal with exempt or confidential items has been passed.
  6. The Council will not provide transcripts of the recordings or any extracts from them. The minutes of the meeting are the official record of proceedings.
  7. Recordings can be removed from the Council’s website at any time by the Head of Corporate Governance or the Monitoring Officer if he/she considers that because all or part of the content is or is likely to be in breach of any statutory provision or common law doctrine. Examples are data protection and human rights legislation or provisions relating to confidential or exempt information.
  8. Recordings will be available on the website for two years but will continue to be available on request.