Urban design

Urban design is the art of making places for people. It aims to:

  • create lively places with distinctive and attractive characters
  • enable more sustainable development by using land more efficiently
  • regenerate run down areas
  • create streets and public spaces that are safe, accessible, pleasant to use and human in scale

Our team works to improve the quality of design throughout all aspects of the built environment, from detailed building design to the quality of public spaces.

To achieve these aims, it’s important we have good urban design in our planning system.

Our services

We provide a range of services including:

  • starting improvement schemes for public spaces and contributing to their design
  • advising on the design elements of planning, appeals and enforcement applications
  • creating policy on urban design matters
  • working with developers on scheme designs before applications are submitted, ensuring good design is present from the beginning
  • encouraging good urban design practice on land that we manage
  • encouraging and initiating the provision of high quality public art