When you want to demolish a building

Although demolishing a building doesn't need building regulations approval, you need to send us a notice of demolition if the building is roughly bigger than a double garage. This is required law under the Building Act 1984 (Section 80).  

As of 1 January 2014, all notices submitted to this authority under Section 80, will need to be accompanied by a single payment of £200. This is to cover the expenses reasonably incurred by us in the performance of our duties under Section 81 of the Act.

You should give us at least six weeks' notice before you start work. If the building is a house, if it is listed, or is in a conservation area, you may also need planning permission.  

You're also responsible for telling people who live in neighbouring buildings, as well as the gas and electricity suppliers. You should also check to see if the Party Wall Act applies.

How to give notice

You can send us a notice by email using the guidance on our page 'Give notice of intended demolition'. 

We'll send you some conditions (usually within seven to 14 days) requiring the work to be carried out as safely as possible, with the least impact on the public - we'll also tell the building's neighbours, the fire service and the Health and Safety Executive.