Street naming and numbering

When you need our help

We are responsible for naming and numbering streets and buildings in the borough, and providing good standard street nameplates. We carry this out under Part 2 of the London Buildings Act 1939.

Once we have agreed street names and numbers, the Post Office will allocate each address a postcode, and that will be the “official” address.

You need to apply to us if you want to:

  • name new streets and footpaths
  • name new buildings
  • change the name of an existing street or building
  • decide upon numbering and renumbering of buildings

Lives and property can be put at risk if you create or amend a residential or commercial address without telling us as the Emergency Services - along with Royal Mail - rely on us for this information.

Property owners have a legal duty to display their number prominently where they can be easily read from the public highway during the day and especially at night.