Planning your own funeral

Make your plans now

It is sensible to make plans for your funeral now and to identify who will give instructions for your funeral, so you feel confident that your wishes will be followed. It is also helpful and often therapeutic, if your family and friends can follow your wishes after death.

Although funeral wishes, even those described in a will, are not legally binding after death, if you formalise your wishes now your friends and family will be able to honour those wishes when you have passed away.

Funeral instruction form

We have put together a form for you to compete that will help you decide what you would like to happen at your own funeral.

You can amend the form however you wish and pages can be added or sections deleted where you like. If you need any help completing the form then please get in touch.

Ensure the instructions are read

Keep your funeral instruction document with your will or somewhere that is known to the person arranging your funeral. This is important as a will may not be read until after the funeral – making any instructions contained within it too late.