Local Areas of Special Character (LASC)

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18 Local Areas of Special Character 

There are 18 Local Areas of Special Character (LASC) within Kingston upon Thames. 

Kingston Town:

  • Albert and Victoria Roads
  • Grove Lane 
  • Tudor Estate 
  • Wolvertone Avenue (also partly within Maldern and Coombe)
  • Woodside Road, Eastbury Road
  • Wyndham Road, Bockhampton Road
  • Borough Road, Princess Road and Arthur Road

Maldern and Coombe:

  • Elm Road 
  • Lime Grove (The Groves LASC)
  • The Berg Estate 
  • The Drive 
  • Thetford Road (Presburg Road LASC)


  • Berrylands Road 
  • Cleaveland Road, The Mall 
  • Cranes Park 
  • Grand and Elmbridge Avenues
  • St. Matthews Avenue 
  • Walpole Road (Oakhill LASC)

How being in a Local Area of Special Character affects your property

If your property is within a Local Area of Special Character (LASC) we will encourage you to maintain the buildings and other features that contribute to the character of the area. 

You can help preserve the character of your property by:

  • asking us for advice before you start any work
  • instructing an agent and contractor with experience working in LASCs
  • choosing design forms and materials for new building works which reflect the character of the LASC
  • carrying out routine maintenance to your property, outbuildings, walls, fences, gardens and trees
  • decorating with appropriate products and retaining or reinstating the architectural features (such as brickwork, timber windows, cornices, and architraves)

What we look at when considering development in a LASC 

We seek to preserve and enhance the character of LASCs by:

  • paying special attention to the character of each LASC when making decisions on planning applications
  • applying the policies in the Core Strategy: Policy CS 8 Character, Design and Heritage and DM 12 Development in Conservation Areas and Affecting Heritage Assets

Any new building needs to respect the particular character of the area and reflect the neighbouring development in its:

  • density
  • layout
  • scale
  • height
  • form
  • materials
  • facade
  • details
  • landscaping

The aim is to achieve a high standard of design that complements the surrounding area.


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