Apply for a home improvement grant or loan

Grants and loans for homeowners

An interest free grant or loan of up to £10,000 is available to some homeowners and some private tenants receiving benefits. The loan or grant needs to improve the condition of the property. To apply you'll need to:

  • be over 18
  • have a registered interest in the property
  • have cleared any debts with us, so you shouldn't owe any Council Tax or other charges

Grants of up to £10,000

If you're a homeowner receiving a means tested benefit, you can apply for a home improvement grant of up to £10,000. A means tested benefit means your income and capital are taken into account. 

If you don't get a means tested benefit, you could still apply for a grant or loan towards the cost of the works. When you apply we will check to see whether you meet our criteria (check list). We will look at:

  • the needs of the people living in the property
  • whether you or they are vulnerable 
  • the state of the property 

Use of the loan or grant

The grant or loan has to be used to make your property dry, safe, warm and secure. The works should repair a major problem in the property (a hazard) such as:

  • excess cold due to failed or inefficient heating
  • structural failure - such as holes in the roof, rotten window or door frames
  • dangerous electrics
  • dampness from rising damp
  • the risk of falling due to disrepair or missing railings

How to apply

Email to ask for an application form. You'll need to return the completed application form with:

  • two or three recent detailed quotes
  • proof of ownership
  • proof of benefit
  • a certificate confirming ownership

As part of the application process, we'll visit the property to check for any hazards under the housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS).

When to start work and conditions

Don't carry out any work before you get confirmation from us that your grant has been approved. We won't pay out any grants towards works that have already been started or completed. 

We pay out the grant or loan to the builder when works are completed to a satisfactory standard.

If you get a loan or grant from us we'll register a land charge on the property. This means there is an outstanding financial claim on the property. Any new purchasers will find out about the claim when their solicitor checks the land registry.

There will also be conditions. Grants come with conditions that last 10 years. This means if your property is sold or transferred within 10 years, you'll need to repay the grant.  Any loan comes interest free but with conditions that last until the property is sold. 



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