Flood prevention and managing the risk of flooding

Our responsibilities as your Lead Local Flood Authority

As the Lead Local Flood Authority, we are responsible for co-ordinating the management of flooding from groundwater, surface water and ordinary water courses within the borough.

Groundwater flooding:

  • happens when water levels in the ground rise above surface levels

Surface water flooding:

  • happens when heavy rainfall overwhelms the drains of the local area, or when a pumping station fails
  • is more difficult to predict and pinpoint than river flooding
  • we estimate that around 5612 properties in the borough are at risk from surface water flooding

River flooding (fluvial):

  • happens when a water course cannot cope with the water draining into it from the surrounding land
  • is usually caused by heavy rain falling on already waterlogged land
  • we estimate that around 6764 properties in the borough are at risk from river flooding

Find out if your property is at risk by checking GOV.UK's flood maps.

We have a  range of duties and powers to help prevent and manage flooding within the borough. We work closely with external bodies such as the Environment Agency and Thames Water to provide a joined up approach.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to prevent damage to properties in every flood. We do not have a legal obligation to protect individual properties. However, we will do all we can to reduce the risk of flooding and help residents following a flood.

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