Trading Standards

Age Restricted Products

We work proactively with our partners, including the Metropolitan Police and carry out inspections (including with detection dogs) and test purchase operations using volunteer young persons and Proof of Age/Challenge 21/25 test purchases to assess retailer behaviour and age verification systems.

We provide free business advice to our local retailers, as well as posters and refusals books to assist with effective age verification procedures.

You can find out more about the Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) and Challenge 21/25 including free downloads of posters and other materials such as refusal books via either pass or no id no sale website.

Trading Standards works hard to prevent sales of restricted goods from being sold to children. These include alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco and e-cigarettes as well as knives and corrosives. Part of our work is to assist businesses to prevent these sales by providing advice and guidance to them. 

Working in partnership with the London Mayor's Office and the Metropolitan Police, videos and information can be found on the National Business Crime Centre website

If you are a business that would like additional help to stop underage sales please contact Kingston Trading Standards 



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