The Old Court House at Kingston Register Office

Old Court House Fees and Charges 2023/2024


Ceremony Room 1:

70 Guests 

Ceremony Room 2

40 Guests 

Ceremony Room 3

8 Guests 

Monday - Thursday £330 £300 £120 (Tues-Thurs)
Friday £350 £320 -
Saturday £410 £380


All ceremonies are subject to a £50 non-refundable booking fee

Each change to the date, time or venue after booking will incur a £25 administration fee.

Certificates are issued at a cost of £11 each. 

Please read our full Ceremony Terms and Conditions 

There are legal preliminaries that must be completed before your ceremony can take place. You will need to give notice of intention to form a marriage or civil partnership in the district where you live.

How to pay for your ceremony

Your balance is due to be paid six weeks before your ceremony date. You can call us during office hours on 0208 547 6196, you will need your Booking ID and a debit/credit card (not American Express).

You will receive a reminder by email with a reminder a week or so beforehand.


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