Young carers

Young carers are children or young people aged 18 or under, who care for someone, usually a member of their family, who has a disability, long-term illness, a mental illness or misuses drugs/alcohol.

Where to go for help and advice locally

If you are looking after a grown up, often the best way for you to get help is to talk to them about having an assessment of their own needs.

Adult social care are there to help support people with physical or learning disabilities, mental illness, hearing or sight loss and drug and alcohol problems. This might be to help the person you care for with getting up, washed and dressed or helping with childcare. Government Guidance for the Care Act makes clear that young carers must not be left with inappropriate levels of caring responsibilities. 

The person you look after might already have a social worker. If they have, you can talk to the social worker about how things are for you. Telephone: 0208 547 5005  Email:

If the person you look after does not have a social worker, contact us and ask about help you might be able to get. Telephone: 0208 547 5005  Email:

If you would rather talk to someone else, the rest of this page outlines some local and national charitable organisations who can provide services and support for you.

Young Carers’ Project

Kingston Carers’ Network have workers dedicated to supporting young carers aged 5-18, providing:

  • information and advice, including 1-to-1 support
  • opportunities to meet other young carers
  • fun activities outings and breaks away from home
  • regular drop ins
  • awareness raising of the needs of young carers, particularly in schools
  • advocacy and whole family support

A quarterly newsletter is produced about what’s going on for young carers locally.

Contact the Young Carers Team for more information by phone on  020 3031 2754 or by email.

Family Support Project

Kingston Carers’ Network also have targeted support to families where there is a risk of excessive or harmful caring by a young carer.

The whole family approach will ensure that families with multiple needs can receive the support that each family member needs.

Young carers access a range of interventions, including intensive one to one support from the young carers project to improve their long-term outcomes.

Contact the Family Support Team for more information by phone on 020 3031 2753 or by email.

Support at School

There are nurses attached to every school who can help and support young carers, in their emotional well-being and physical health. Young carers can talk to them when they visit the school and they can advise or refer them on to other agencies if needed.

Some schools have a specific teacher who supports and advises young carers. Ask or look on school website and notice boards.

Information for young people

For all young people in the borough, we have a wide range of information about activities and clubs, health and well being, learning opportunities and careers, staying safe, getting involved with local community activities, and much more. Young people can raise any worries they have with qualified youth workers and ask questions in confidence.

Go to supporting young people (AFC)


Kingston’s 19 and under Health Service provides health advice and information for young people. Young people can contact the service in the way that suits them, but there are also drop in sessions held around the borough for young people to speak to someone in person.

For more information, contact the Ku19 team by phone on 020 8549 6323 or by email.

Achieving for Children has responsibility for undertaking Young Carers Needs Assessments under the Children Act.

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Young Carers Team

Telephone: 020 3031 2754