Garden waste collection service

Garden waste sacks

If you already have a sack collection for your rubbish and recycling, your garden waste will be collected in sacks. You can choose to change to a wheelie bin instead.

If you get wheelie bins for your rubbish and recycling, you cannot choose to have sacks instead.


It costs £44 for a roll of 10 sacks which you must use within 12 months. You can use as many as you want on each collection day.

Order sacks

Order garden waste sacks

The 12 months will start from your next collection day after your sacks are delivered.

If you use all your sacks and want to order more, the 12 months will begin again when your new sacks are delivered.

Storing your sacks

The sacks are biodegradable and break down with the garden waste. Store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight so they don’t start to break down before you use them

Last Modified: 02/04/2024 12:56:58