How we make payments

Claiming in advance and backdating

Claiming in advance

If you are moving home, you can begin claiming Housing Benefit up to 13 weeks before you move. You won't usually get any money before you move in though.

Backdating your claim

If you or your partner are of State Pension age

We can backdate your benefit for up to three months before the date you made your claim - if you were entitled to benefit for those three months. You do not need a reason for the delay but you must contact us in writing to ask for the backdated claim. We will need to work out how much benefit you are entitled to for part or all of those three months so you may need to provide proof of your income, savings and rent for the period you want to claim.

If you are under State Pension age

We may backdate your claim for a maximum of one month before the date you made your claim. But we will only backdate your claim if there is ‘good cause’ for you not claiming earlier. These are things like:

  • you were ill and unable to make the claim
  • you were waiting for a decision about another benefit

Request back dated payments

If you want us to consider backdating your benefit, please email and include:

  • the date you would like to claim from
  • why you did not claim earlier
  • information to support the reason (eg a letter from your doctor or support worker)

If we decide not to backdate your claim at all, you have the right to appeal our decision. To find out how to appeal visit: Appealing against decisions we make

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