Our Services and Booking a Site Inspection


We don’t want to cause delays to your project, so our aim is always to work with you as closely as possible, whilst at the same time making sure we meet our responsibilities.

You should notify us when you start the work and when it is completed. You will also be asked to let us know when you reach certain stages in between, depending on the type of work you are doing. We will provide you with a list of these (known as a Service Plan) when you submit a Building Notice and when you start work.

Unfortunately we can’t offer inspections at specific times (as we don’t know how long each inspection will take) but you can select from two-hour intervals:

  • 11am to 2pm
  • 12pm to 3pm
  • Anytime between 11am to 3pm

Book a site inspection

Please try to give us 24 hours notice if possible, but we can usually inspect the same day, as long as you book it with us before 10am.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Site Inspections 

Please continue to book your site inspections as normal, using this on-line facility.

Each inspection will be risk assessed by the inspecting officer but currently all visits are to be assumed going ahead unless contacted by Building Control or a decision is made when turning up at the site that the site is not acceptable to enter without actions from the site team. Should it be necessary for BC surveyors to attend a site in order to carry out a critical inspection effectively, they will do so, providing the relevant guidelines can be followed.

However, Building Control Surveyors will decline to enter a site, should they feel that they would be placing themselves or others at risk, by doing so. This is consistent with our established protocols concerning wider site safety issues.

The Building Control team thanks you in advance for your continuing support and cooperation

We have a team of highly experienced surveyors ready to meet your needs at every step of your project. Our services range from free pre-application advice to a plans approval service for any development throughout England or Wales.

We offer a friendly, efficient, customer-focused service, with fast turnaround on plan checking and same-day site inspections.

Why choose our services?

We have specialist advice and knowledge, covering:

  • local ground conditions and existing buildings
  • building regulations compliance
  • links to council departments and other agencies like the London Fire Brigade and Thames Water

We offer:

  • same-day site inspections (for requests made before 10am)
  • reports on dangerous structures – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our online system gives you 24-hour access and enables you to:

  • access building control records from 2002
  • make an application
  • track an application's progress 
  • book a site inspection

We turn things around quickly:

  • plans checked within 10 working days of receipt
  • inspections available in three different time slots
  • completion certificates issued within 5 working days of a satisfactory inspection

Although we are local, we are also a member of the national Local Authority Building Control organisation (LABC) so:

  • we can partner with other local authorities to offer regular clients a plans approval service for developments anywhere in England or Wales.
  • offer a range of warranties to add value to your project
  • provide access to a wide range of associated services and expertise through LABC Consult. 

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