Pre-application advice service


We cannot offer advice that can bind the Council but we will give you the best advice possible on the information and proposals that you submit within agreed timeframes.

The pre-application advice will aid the overall development process and be a material consideration in a subsequent planning application.

The advice is however without the benefit of neighbour and consultee notification and is subject to the views of statutory consultees, whose representations the Council has to take into account in the preparation of any report on the subsequent application. 

In this respect it might be useful for applicants and their agents to separately contact statutory consultees (eg The Environment Agency, Transport for London, the Greater London Authority, all whom of offer a pre-application enquiry service) before formally submitting an application in order to obtain their initial views. 

In accordance with the Council’s adopted ‘Statement of Community Involvement’, the Council will encourage applicants of large or potentially controversial schemes to involve the local community prior to submitting a planning application.

Advice may be given without a site visit, is time-limited and is based on guidance, policies and legislation in force at the time it is given. Advice for schemes submitted more than one year after the date of issue will not be valid.

If significant alterations to a scheme are required, or another meeting requested. A further round of correspondence and meetings may need to take place which will attract the subsequent meeting charge.

For very large scale proposals with highly complex issues falling in Category A, there may need to be a series of meetings and discussions before a formal application is submitted. These types of proposals will be dealt with under our bespoke charging regime where the number of meetings and timescales will be agreed and project managed. Once the timescales and number of meetings has been agreed we will advise you of the charge for this service. Given other workload commitments and the complexity of the advice required, at times the timeframes may be subject to revisions, of which you will be kept informed.

We will not enter into preliminary discussions on applicable schemes outside the pre-application advice service.

Last Modified: 15/06/2020 16:51:12