Pre-application advice service

Request and pay for pre-application advice

You can request pre-application advice using our online form. Once we have received your form we will send you a payment reference number. You can then use our secure online system to pay for your pre-application advice.

Request Pre-application advice      Pay for pre-appication advice

When requesting pre-application advice try to send us as much detailed information on your project as possible – this will help us give you the most accurate and useful advice. You could include any of the following with your request (if you have it):

  • your payment reference number
  • site location plan (1:1250)
  • schedule of existing uses and floorspace (where appropriate)
  • schedule of proposed uses and floor space (where appropriate)
  • existing floor plans, elevations, sections
  • proposed floor plans, elevations, sections
  • existing and proposed site layout
  • targets for sustainable design, on-site renewable energy provision, climate change adaptation
  • design statement, urban design analysis, materials, photomontages, computer images, model etc (where appropriate)
  • photographs of the site and surrounding area (not essential, but useful) 
  • a cd containing electronic copies of drawings, documents and photographs etc 
  • details of any confidentiality requirements 

If you have problems using our online form you can print the form, complete it and post it to us with your paperwork. Please include three copies of each document. Post your form and documents to the Development Management team, Guildhall 2, High Street, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 1EU.

Last Modified: 23/09/2022 16:58:36