Make a professional referral

For health or care professionals, including GPs and nurses, who want to refer residents to adult social care services in Kingston.

Worried about the safety of an adult 

Report abuse or neglect of an adult to our safeguarding team.

If the person is under 18, refer to child safeguarding.

Care assessment referral by a health or care professional

There are two referral options for health and care professionals.

Care Act assessment 

This referral can be either for

  • adults with care needs 
  • a joint assessment for adults and their carers when they both have care needs
  • occupational therapy referrals
  • adults with dementia when there is no other mental health need

If, in your job, you're working with someone who needs to be assessed under the Care Act, you can make a referral for a needs assessment. The form takes around 10 minutes to complete and is sent directly to Kingston's adult social care service.  

Make a professional referral 

Care Act assessment mental health referral -  Section 117 

This route is to refer adults with care needs because of their mental health difficulties, including Section 117 aftercare.  If the adult has dementia and no other mental health needs use the general Care Act assessment form.

If in your job you're working with someone with mental health needs, you can make a mental health referral for a needs assessment. This form takes around 10 minutes to complete and goes directly to the adult social care mental health service.

Make a professional mental health referral

Before you refer to adult social care

You can refer to other services without consulting adult social care.

Find out more about making an adult social care needs assessment.

Other referrals 

To assess a carer's support needs, refer them to Kingston Carers' Network.

For all other referrals, you can use the professional Care Act referral form. This includes:

  • reablement after illness or discharge from hospital
  • sight and hearing services
  • equipment and occupational therapy

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