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Ways we can help you keep healthy and well

Helping you to better health

Taking simple small steps to improve your physical health and that of your family can also really help your mental health.  In Kingston, we have many local services and organisations that are available to you for free. We can help you to find out what’s available, how you can access these offers, and how to improve your health.  

For example, getting more active can make a  really big difference to how you feel day to day, improve your long-term health, reduce the risk of serious illnesses - as well as boosting your overall mood.

NHS Better Health and NHS Healthier Families websites have lots of online resources, tips and ideas to help you make small changes and build long-lasting healthy habits.  For example, there are recipe ideas and food facts, and 10 minute exercises for adults and children.

Physical activity in Kingston

There are lots of opportunities to help you and your children to keep active. All of Kingston’s leisure centres and wonderful recreational parks are listed on the Kingston Council website  

We have many local organisations that are ready and waiting to help you keep active - a great way to also meet new people in the area. We have listed just a few below, but also take a look at the Connected Kingston website using a keyword such as ‘walk’ or ‘active’ to search for activities that might suit you and your family.  

  • Hestia Good Energy Club offers a physical exercise programme for adults who may need help to boost their mental well-being. 
  • MIND in Kingston has some great projects that offer all the benefits of being outdoors with company and the support of others.  These include the ‘Happy Feet’ walking group, the Community Allotment (small gardens where people grow vegetables) and the jogging club - as well as a wide range of group and one-to-one personal offers to help with mental health.  
  • Voices of Hope runs the Sisterhood Choir weekly during the school term time.  This brings together people (no matter what your singing ability!) to help give people confidence and hope. 
  • The Street Tag initiative for younger children is a family-friendly game app, helps you to get to know your local area, whilst keeping your children moving outdoors!  
  • Healthy Lifestyles Services offer FREE weight loss support services - available to anyone living, working, studying or registered with a GP (family doctor) in Kingston, aged 16 and over.  Slimming World and Second Nature courses are run for 12 weeks with face to face, peer and online support. Make contact to find out more and discuss if you are eligible for this service: Email:, or call 0208 547 6815 for more details.  There are lots more healthy offers available too - just search ‘healthy lifestyles’ on to find out more and/or complete the referral form!
  • Healthy Start is a national scheme for pregnant women or those with children under age 4, which can support your family to stay well in Kingston. You can get financial help towards the cost of fruit, vegetables, pulses, fresh and infant formula milk as well as free vitamins. 
  • Find out more about the NHS Healthy Start scheme: 

Childhood immunisation/vaccinations information 

In England, most vaccinations are offered free on the NHS (National Health Service). To protect children as early as possible, many vaccines are offered to babies and toddlers before they start school. Vaccinations are usually given by Practice Nurses at your GP practice (family doctor office). Older children are offered some vaccinations in school - and adults are normally offered vaccinations at a local GP practice or pharmacy.

If you are unsure if you or your child has had all the recommended vaccinations in England – check with your GP practice. It is never too late to catch up on the vaccinations recommended in Kingston and throughout England.

Vaccines are the safest way to protect you and your family from serious infections and will help you stay healthy.  

Help in understanding more about vaccinations is available through our network of ‘Health Visitors’ (special nurses who support families with children aged 0-5 years), through ‘Children’s Centres’ or from your GP practice.  All these professionals will always be very happy to answer any questions you might have about vaccinations for you and your family. See more information on immunisation information for migrants 

Mental health & emotional wellbeing

Ukraine Welcome Space offers an opportunity to socialise and create friendships every Thursday, 10am - 2pm at The Hub on Surbiton Road, KT1 2JR. Entry is free.

The NHS Every Mind Matters website has practical advice and tips on caring for your own mental health,as well as for supporting others. 

Connected Kingston website also has a section on ‘Staying Mentally Well’.

This includes useful tips and links to national organisations, and many local groups which can offer direct support and in particular help to reduce loneliness. 

Sexual Health

The NHS provides free sexual health services, such as contraception (including emergency contraception) and sexually transmitted infection testing, delivered through a number of services:   

  • General Practice (GP, Family Doctor office) can provide most sexual health services 
  • The Wolverton Centre at Kingston Hospital KT2 7QB provides the full range of services - their website explains how to book an appointment.  You can also call 0208 974 9331 for advice.
  • Your Healthcare Contraception & Sexual Health at Hollyfield House, Surbiton KT5 9AL offer contraception and most other sexual health services through booked appointments:   Call 0208 339 4783, or visit  

Alcohol and keeping healthy

Kingston E-Drink Check provides an anonymous, free and confidential online advice service.  If you feel you’ve been drinking alcohol a bit too much or too often, this service can help you understand and manage your drinking.  This can help you sleep better, lower blood pressure, support weight loss, and help you spend less money on alcohol, with useful information available

Help in stopping smoking 

Our local Kingston Stop Smoking Service is called ‘Kick-It’. People who get help to quit smoking are 3 times more likely to succeed for good.  The Kick-it service provides FREE one-to-one support with a trained professional for 6 weeks, and can also provide free nicotine replacement therapies.

Get in touch by email: or phone on 020 3434 2500

Cervical screening tests 

Women aged 25-64 are encouraged to take up cervical screening when they are invited, or if they have missed a screening test - especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

A FREE cervical screening appointment can be booked at your GP practice. 

The cervical screening test can stop cancer before it even starts. It is one of the most preventable types of cancers, andt is most common in young women aged 25-29.  

It’s common for women to worry that the quick test will be uncomfortable, or they may feel embarrassed.  Talking to a caring GP (family doctor) or nurse about these worries can reassure women about the screening test.

Learn more on the NHS website

An easy reading guide with pictures and a clear explanation is also available on

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