Protected trees

Check if a tree is protected

You can use our online maps to see where trees are protected. However, the data we have online about protected trees is only an indication. It cannot legally be relied on for the justification of tree works or removal.

You should contact the Trees Officer using the general enquires fom if you need to confirm whether trees are protected for the purposes of carrying out work.

Map of Tree Preservation Orders

Map of Conservation Areas

A tree is protected within a Conservation Area when it has grown to measure 75 millimetres in diameter at a height of 1.5 metres from ground level. Any tree of this size or larger is protected.

Get a copy of a TPO

You can pay £30 for a copy of a TPO from us online - enter your address, choose Development Control, then Tree Preservation Orders

If you know the TPO reference, you can make an appointment to view a copy of a TPO in person at the Council Offices by contacting the Tree Officer using our general enquires form- you can’t make a copy or take a photo

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