Local Implementation Plan

A Local Implementation Plan (LIP) sets out how the Mayor of London's Transport Strategy will be implemented at a local level; all London Borough’s are required to develop, adopt, and implement a LIP.  

Our LIP was first adopted in March 2006.  

In May 2010 the Mayor of London adopted a new Mayor’s Transport Strategy for London.  This placed a statutory requirement on every London Borough to prepare a new LIP setting out how they would achieve the revised proposals.  This updated LIP is known as the Second Local Implementation Plan, or 'LIP2'.   

As well as implementing the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, LIP2 is required to be consistent with the South London Sub-regional Transport Plan, and to reflect our local priorities and objectives.  LIP2 has also been developed as the transport strategy for the borough.  

RBK’s LIP2 was approved by the Mayor of London in October 2011 and adopted by the Council in December 2011. 

The Third Local Implementation Plan was adopted in July 2019. Read the full document. 

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