Healthy Streets

Our Streets - Healthy Streets

At Kingston Council our vision is to create a ‘cleaner, greener Kingston’ and our streets play a major role in this. We want our streets to be pleasant spaces where everyone can breathe clean air, walk and cycle around safely and feel connected to our community.

In 2019, the council declared a Climate Emergency in the borough.  This was just the first step. We are now in the process of identifying key areas for improvement, with the goal of making our borough carbon neutral by 2038.

We are continuing to invest in Sustainable Transport infrastructure to encourage active travel and reduce reliance on high polluting vehicles. Initiatives include, expanding our cycle network, supporting the roll-out of dockless and e-bikes, installing more electric vehicle charging points, and creating Healthy Streets and School Streets. 

Listening to you

We really want your views. We want to make sure that we listen to your ideas, comments and suggestions about how to improve our programmes and make Kingston greener and safer for everyone.  You can email or call 0208 547 5000 and a member of our team will call you back.
When we introduce a new highways scheme there will be an opportunity to share your views and experience too when a traffic order is introduced. Find out about different types of traffic orders we use to make changes.

Open and recent projects 

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