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Finding information on when Street Works will take place

Street Works Bulletin

Once a permit is received by a Highway Authority (HA) it is visible on the following public websites which are free to register and allow you to set up email alerts if required. 

The public website One Network.

Once a permit is received by the HA it will be coordinated to avoid clashes with other works. In instances where works are going to be disruptive, the HA will request permit conditions to be added. 

More information in regards to permit conditions can be found at Street works permit schemes conditions.

Please note, that in line with the codes of practice for Street Works, HA cannot refuse works or request permit conditions without justification.

Work in your street

From time to time some work will be carried out in your street. This may be highway maintenance such as repairing potholes, repairs to the footway/verge or utilities carrying out repairs, improvements and connections to their apparatus.

These works can sometimes be a nuisance, either due to the noise created or the location of these works but, every statutory undertaker does have the right to excavate any part of the public highway - this can include within your vehicle crossover.

There is no legal requirement for either of the above to notify the residents of the proposed works but, the HA can reasonably request a letter drop in circumstances where a road closure is required. 

However, in instances where access to a property is going to be impacted, we advise the utility service to inform residents by a letter posted out or by going door-to-door. Disruption from these works typically only for a number of hours and access should be resorted by either filling in the excavation or using plates that can be driven over.

Quality of reinstatements 

It is the responsibility, of anyone excavating the highway, to reinstate it to the required specifications for public use. The utility service has 6 months to carry out a permanent reinstatement if this was not achievable during their first visit to site.

Should they fail to carry out a permanent reinstatement in this time, the reinstatement would be classed a defect. All defects are inspected regularly with the utility liable for inspection costs or any other costs incurred relating to these defect.

A reinstatement not completed to the required permanent state is called an interim reinstatement, although only temporary, this must be safe and completed to an acceptable standard.

To ensure the highway is protected from those that need to work on it, we have a team of Street Works Inspectors patrolling the borough. Our inspectors are tasked with ensuring that all works and reinstatements are carried out to the required standard, they also actively seek defects through daily inspections and investigate complaints or concerns that have been brought to our attention. 

Please rest assured that our diligent inspectors will always endeavour to hold any utility or private company to account, should they fail to adhere to these legal requirements.

Current Works programmes in the borough

BT - Fibre optic installations and proofing of network.

Community Fibre - Fibre optic installations and proofing of network.

These works will impact most streets as these companies look to improve their network, some streets will require the installation of new ducts which typically are installed running along a footway and may temporarily impact access to your property.

SGN - Gas mains replacement works currently being undertaken in various roads in Kingston, prior to works commencing SGN carry out a letter drop to impacted residents, meetings are held prior to the permits being granted so as to minimise the impact the works will have on residents and highway users.

TFL's Network in the borough

TFL are responsible for all permanent traffic signals within the borough and faults should be reported to Contact us about streets and road issues - Transport for London.

TFL are also responsible for London's Strategic Network that runs throughout the borough, these are easy to spot if you look on a map as these roads will be marked yellow.

As a result TFL will carry out repairs to this network but, also coordinate the works carried out by the statutory undertakers, any issues on this network should be reported using the link above.

Fun fact: Did you know, there are on average 700 street work activities carried out in the borough each month?

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