Local Plan

Evidence base and supporting information

The policies of the Local Plan must be based on robust and credible evidence in order for it to be considered 'sound'. The council has developed an evidence base to inform the Local Plan, though this is not an exhaustive list as we will take account of all relevant evidence as and when it is published during its production. 

In addition to the above, data is used from a range of other sources and data sets such as the London Datastore (Greater London Authority), the Office for National Statistics, Historic England, and Greenspace Information for London to inform our work. 

The following is a mix of external links and downloads (PDF). If you have any questions about the Local Plan evidence base, or if you have any problems accessing the documents below, please email the Strategic Planning Team at localplan@kingston.gov.uk

Spatial Strategy

Climate change

Design and Heritage*

*Please note we will be publishing revised Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans for each of the borough's Conservation Areas in due course.

Housing Delivery

Economy and Town centres

Social and community infrastructure

Natural Environment


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