Article 4 Directions

Article 4 Direction for North Lodge and South Lodge

Kingston Council is using its planning powers to protect North Lodge and South Lodge, Kingsnympton Park, Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 7TF. 

A mechanism called an Article 4 Direction has been introduced which removes the ability, under national permitted development rights, to demolish buildings on these sites without first obtaining planning permission. This specific and targeted Article 4 Direction was introduced in response to an application to confirm if prior approval is required for the demolition of North Lodge.

North Lodge and South Lodge are both identified as Locally Listed Buildings by the Council and hence are non-designated heritage assets. Before this, they were classified as Buildings of Townscape Merit, after the development of the Kingsnympton Park Estate.

The 19th-century lodges act as local landmarks, marking the original gateways to the former Knoll and Kingsnympton Hall estates, and the existing Kingsnympton Park estate. They play an important role in the townscape character of the area, and are considered a local amenity in terms of culture, heritage and 'sense of place'.

Following a decision to use urgent action powers, the immediate Article 4 Direction was made on 29 August 2023.

On 8 February 2024, the Council's Place Committee resolved to confirm the Article 4 Direction without amendment, making it permanent.

The sealed Article 4 Direction document includes two maps showing the plots of North Lodge and South Lodge, with red line boundaries that define the specific areas where the ability to demolish buildings on the site without planning permission has been permanently removed. Both building plots lie to the northwest of Kingston Hill, within the Kingsnympton Park estate.

Public Consultation

Public consultation on this Article 4 Direction took place for 6 weeks from Thursday 7 September 2023 to Friday 20 October 2023. Further information about the consultation is available on the council’s engagement portal, Kingston: Let's Talk.

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