VU.CITY London is an accurate digital 3D model of London.  The model provides an interactive view of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and is used by our Planning Service to help assess planning applications, inform pre-application discussions and develop future planning policies. VU.CITY London includes:

  • a fully interactive 3D model of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames;
  • an accurate city model including terrain (roofscape accuracy to 15cm);
  • sunlight and shadowing simulation, street level walk mode, transport overlays, set and view cameras and view GIS data;
  • highly important views and verified views, and
  • integration of proposed projects to assess the cumulative impact of proposals.

Applicants and developers are encouraged to use VU.CITY to support their planning application and inform the pre-application process. To find out more about the model, visit VU.CITY London.

VU.CITY is managed and maintained independently of the council and while applicants are not obliged to use this service, the integration of large-scale proposals into the model may assist in the decision making process.

You can use VU.CITY London:


There is a discretionary £500 charge added to PPA’s, pre-applications, and planning applications to cover the review of models. This will cover 3 option reviews of the proposed scheme. Using the VU.CITY model will aid in the choice of views, reducing the number of verified views required as part of assessing the proposals visual impact (possible effect: positive, negative, significant or minor).

Verified Views

Kingston’s 13 highly important views are all viewable in the VU.CITY application and available for download at a cost of £500 per view.

Read the Views Study

Submitting a model?

How to prepare a file for import

VU.CITY is a visualisation tool, designed for assessing scale and impact. It is not designed to handle full BIM models therefore we request a simple massing model for import. The model must:

  • be geolocated in OS space;
  • have a low polycount; and 
  • be saved/ exported in fbx file format (a common export across most modelling platforms). Size Limit: 128MB per file

Send models to your relevant case officer.

If you have any questions on formats, please contact VU.CITY tech support team on 0808 168 3931 or [email protected]

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