Street parking

Disabled badge holders parking

In the borough of Kingston Upon Thames there are places disabled badge holders can and cannot park, please see below for all the information. Disabled badges with time clocks must be clearly displayed.


There are a number of disabled bays in the borough both on-street and in our car parks where disabled badge holders may park, some bays are time restricted so please read the time plate carefully.


You can park in the following bays without payment and a time limit throughout the borough with your blue badge;

  • Resident permit holders only bays.
  • Pay and display only bays.

  • Shared use bays (permit and payment).

Disabled badge holders can park on single yellow & double yellow lines (without kerb marks) for a time limit of 3 hours. You must display both your badge and clock set to the time of your arrival.


Disabled badge holders can park in our car parks free of charge both in dedicated disabled bays and regular pay & display bays.


Disabled badge holders cannot park in the following places;

  • Suspended bays.
  • Time restricted free bays.

  • Car club bays.

  • Loading bays or a place restricted by a loading ban (as indicated by single, or double-yellow kerb blips and a white sign showing the hours of restriction).

  • Parking bays reserved for other types of vehicle (such as buses, ambulances, taxis, doctors, motorcycles).

  • Red routes.

  • Electric charging bays.

Last Modified: 22/09/2023 17:00:04