New electric vehicle charging points

As part of its commitment to tackling climate change and enabling residents and visitors to use sustainable travel options, Kingston Council has installed fast electric vehicle charging points.

Each site has a combination of a single and or dual charging point and in total, have provided 26 electric vehicle parking bays where electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles can charge. 

The Source London fast chargers can deliver a full charge in between three to four hours (depending on your vehicle) and can be found in the following locations:

Latchmere Lane, Grove Crescent, Union Street, Clifton Road, Woodside Road, Burlington Road, High Street New Malden, Catherine Road, Grafton Road, Manor Drive North and Ewell Road. You can find them on Source London’s map.

Tariffs for these chargers can be found on Source London’s website and a special, introductory membership is available for Kingston residents:

  • You will receive three free months and three free charging hours when starting a new Full Membership
  • It’s valid for all Kingston residents/businesses - a Kingston postcode is required for membership to be approved with the welcome offer
  • You must enter promo code KINGSTON20 when subscribing for the promotion to be applied - this code expires on 31 December 2020
  • Membership and usage fees apply after the initial 3 free months and 3 free hours - more details can be found online.

You can find a full list of public electric vehicle chargers on our website or use to find those maintained by private companies which are accessible to the public. 

The council has an overall goal of installing at least 100 charge points over the next two years and following resident consultation earlier in the year we are looking to provide lamp-post charging points at locations guided by the feedback. These will be delivered by the end of March 2021.

We are also working with TfL to install four rapid charge points at North Parade Chessington, South Lane, The Triangle and Cambridge Road New Malden - these chargers will be operational by Christmas.

Published: 21st October 2020