Kingston Council becomes one of the first local authorities to join the Building Better partnership

Kingston Council has today announced it has joined the Building Better partnership, a consortium of developers and housing associations, supported by the National Housing Federation.

The partnership is working together to build new homes more sustainably through collaboration across the housing sectors.

Building Better is a partnership of innovative organisations that are exploring and developing Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to help provide sustainable, high quality homes. This pioneering approach to housebuilding will reduce the time needed to construct new homes by up to 50%, as well as reduce the cost of construction without compromising on the quality of the homes it can deliver. 

It will also mean that running a home is cheaper for tenants and creates less impact on our personal carbon emissions.  We want to deliver sustainable homes as well as sustainable places where people can afford to live, work and play.  The new approaches to design and construction will reduce our overall impact on the environment and importantly, carbon emissions, which contribute to the climate crisis.  

Using MMC makes it possible for more of a development to be produced offsite, making it easier and quicker to complete construction and meet our sustainability objectives. Up to one-third of construction time on site is affected by bad weather, and made more difficult by social distancing requirements as a result of COVID-19. With this innovative approach to construction new homes can be built in an efficient way with less impact on the environment.

Speaking about the Council’s new partnership, Cllr Hilary Gander, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainable Transport, said: 

“This is an important step for Kingston Council. The Building Better approaches and design offer us the opportunity to deliver many of our new homes in a more sustainable way, with less impact on the environment.


“The carbon footprint of construction and building accounts for nearly 40% of all carbon emissions. Kingston Council is committed to reducing its carbon footprint across all its services, alongside improving the air quality of the borough and building strong, cohesive communities.”

Tim Willcocks, Board Chair of Building Better said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Kingston Council as the newest member of the partnership, and one of the first local authorities to demonstrate its commitment to collaboration and innovation in housebuilding and sustainability methods. By sharing our experience we can find new ways of delivering the great quality homes we need while reducing our impact on the environment in their construction.   


“In addition to the great work already seen across the public sector in delivering MMC this alliance between Local Authorities and housing associations will drive the changes needed in our home building industry. This fundamental shift requires collaboration matched with commitment to delivering sustainable homes, and will support the diversification of the skills and construction methods we use to deliver the homes we need.  


“Through this new partnership we aim to build homes that are greener at every stage of production and use than traditionally-constructed homes. Together we can build the homes this country needs to tackle the national housing crisis, which has been made worse as a result of COVID and its impact on traditional construction methods.  By coming together on MMC, Local Authorities and Housing Associations can achieve more.”

Published: 21st January 2021