Local Green Points appointed by Kingston to deliver recycling rewards scheme

Kingston Council has chosen award-winning engagement provider, Local Green Points, to provide a recycling rewards scheme for the Royal Borough’s 20,000 flats. 

The new scheme will focus on increasing the amount of food recycled, as well as aiming to increase dry recycling and reduce disposal costs.

The scheme, which is being branded as “Kingston Recycling Rewards”, is funded through a grant of £188,625 which the council won from the Department for Communities and Local Government’s £11m Recycling Reward Scheme fund.

Kingston Recycling Rewards will be launched to residents in April 2017 with recycling and waste tonnages to be measured quarter on quarter.  Residents taking part in the scheme will benefit from a wide range of special offers provided by local retailers and there will be monthly voucher prizes of £25 and £15 for top recyclers.  Local charities are also set to benefit from the scheme through a donation fund of £9,500; residents will be encouraged to vote for popular local causes.

An online platform and mobile app are being developed so that residents can easily get involved, while there will be a contact centre to support residents who don’t have access to the internet.

Councillor Phil Doyle, Portfolio Holder for Resident Services at Kingston Council, sees the new scheme as an important step forward. He said:

“Whilst Kingston is one of the top performing London boroughs for recycling, we recognise that residents who live in flats need additional support. That’s why we’re introducing a new recycling collection service for flats which will make it much easier for those residents to recycle.  

“With it’s innovative points-for-recycling approach, Kingston Recycling Rewards will provide a big incentive for residents who live in flats to recycle more of their day to day waste.

“As well as being bad for the environment, disposing of non-recyclable waste will cost Kingston Council just over £3 million this year.”

Graham Simmonds, Managing Director of Local Green Points, sees strong potential for its community points model, and said:

“We are now working with a third of London’s 33 boroughs, plus many other councils across the country, and it’s great to see local authorities utilising our community approach, as we know from experience it’s highly motivating for residents.”


For further information: Contact Yasmina Guemar at Local Green Points on [email protected] or call 020 7326 5055

About Local Green Points:

Local Green Points is an LLP company backed by Green Rewards, the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable rewards programmes.  The Company provides a range of services to local authorities that encourage waste reduction, recycling and reuse, and its local authority clients include 11 London Boroughs (eg Bexley, Camden, Westminster), Coventry City Council, St Helens Council, Warwickshire County Council and many more. Its parent company, Green Rewards, operates the workplace sustainability programme, JUMP, and its clients include RBS and Swansea University.