Statement: Go Cycle Programme Fountain Roundabout

The council administration will be putting forward a motion at the full council meeting this evening to stop the implementation of the current roundabout proposal.

The Go Cycle proposal for Fountain Roundabout has attracted a great deal of public interest.  The proposal for this area was approved by the Resident's Committee of the council. At that meeting, it was agreed that the proposal to remove the Fountain Roundabout created a safer junction that reduced traffic, gave cyclists a safer route through the area and provided much-needed pedestrian crossings. It was considered the best scheme to manage traffic in the area.

Kingston Council puts resident engagement as a priority. The council administration has therefore decided that while the proposal for the roundabout is fundamentally a good scheme, there has been significant feedback from local residents who are not supportive of changes to the roundabout.

The council administration will, therefore, be putting forward a motion at the full council meeting this evening that the decision on the current proposal for the roundabout should be set aside and not implemented.

The Fountain Roundabout scheme is one part of the wider Go Cycle programme, which aims to keep Kingston moving. The programme will relieve the pressure of a growing population on the borough’s transport network by providing new facilities for cycling and walking, while improving road safety and public spaces.  

Cllr Terry Paton, the portfolio holder for the Go Cycle programme, said:

"We continue to support the aims of the Go Cycle programme as a whole. However, the Fountain proposal has clearly divided the community. While it would have solved many of the safety issues for cyclists, pedestrians and car users, the reality is that in our view it has not received sufficient resident support. We promised we would listen to residents’ concerns and we have concluded that the council administration should no longer progress the proposal for Fountain Roundabout. 

I am passionate about resident engagement. It is unlikely that there will be another scheme for Fountain Roundabout that sufficiently satisfies safety concerns, as well as the criteria of the Transport for London (TfL) Mini-Holland funding. However, we will consider other options in the future, subject to TfL funding. In the meantime, we will continue to progress the remaining routes as part of the Go Cycle programme to help change the way people travel around Kingston."