Greener heating for a greener borough

Councillors and officers stand with new heat pump at Four Oaks hostel.

A 21st Century heating system installed at a council-run hostel in Chessington will keep its residents warm while cutting energy bills and helping to tackle climate change.

The council is working toward a greener future which protects and enhances the environment. Part of this work involves reducing the climate changing emissions generated by the buildings it manages.

The Four Oaks Hostel in Chessington spans over three buildings which contain 32 bedrooms, a number of communal kitchens and bathrooms, a lounge area and a laundry room. The buildings have cavity wall insulation and double glazed windows.

The council’s first air source heat pumps and a number of solar panels now provide heating and hot water to the entire site, replacing the previous gas boilers which were beyond their serviceable lives. The central energy centre supplies all the buildings on site via a small district heat network. 

Councillor Ian Manders, Portfolio Holder for Climate Action and Sustainable Transport said;

“Gas used to heat Kingston Council buildings accounts for over a third of the council’s greenhouse gas emissions. Gas has also become expensive and costs double today what it did a few years ago.


“We must improve the energy efficiency of council buildings and replace old gas heating systems with low carbon alternatives when budgets allow. This will also reduce the impact of volatile energy markets on council finances.


“Kingston will be replacing expensive to run twentieth century technology such as gas boilers, with twenty-first century solutions such as heat pumps and district heating networks”.

The new system is expected to drastically reduce the site’s heating carbon emissions and lead to energy bill savings of up to 47% while improving comfort and standards of living.

Watch the video below to find out more.

You can find out about energy efficiency measures which may be suitable for your home on the Government’s website.

Published: 11th January 2024