Blue badge cheat gets £830 penalty

A Worcester Park woman who used her mother’s disabled parking permit to try to avoid paying to park in Kingston has landed an £830 penalty.

Lynda Robinson, aged 55, was convicted of misusing her mother’s blue badge by Richmond Magistrates this week.

Blue badges are issued by councils and valid for use only when the disabled person is being carried in the vehicle.

The court heard that in November last year, Kingston Council investigated after a traffic warden spotted a car in Ashdown Road car park on two occasions displaying a blue badge issued by Sutton Council.

Telephone calls to the badge holder, Robinson’s mother, established that she was at home, and checks confirmed that the car was owned by Lynda Robinson.

Lynda Robinson later told council officers that her mother had been with her and had gone shopping with a friend, after which they had gone back to her mother’s friend’s house.

When told that her mother had been contacted at home, Robinson changed her story and admitted parking and using the badge without her mother being there. She also admitted using the badge without her mother present on other occasions.

Robinson was fined £600 for two offences and ordered to pay £206.66 costs plus a £30 victim surcharge.

Councillor Simon James, Kingston Council’s Lead Member for Transport, said:

"The Council takes blue badge fraud very seriously. Every time someone abuses the blue badge scheme they are depriving genuinely disabled people of a parking space they need but by dodging paying they also put up the costs of parking for Kingston residents."

Last month 76-year-old Robert Simmonds of Worcester Park was penalised more than £400 after admitting using a fake blue badge and inserting Robinson’s mother’s details.

If you suspect anyone of misusing a blue badge, call our confidential fraud hotline on 020 8547 5700.