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Kingston’s new Council Plan makes ‘Greener, Fairer, Safer, Together' pledge for 2023-2027

Kingston Council’s new strategic plan has been launched with the commitment of making our borough ‘Greener, Fairer, Safer, Together’.

The new Council Plan, developed with input from elected members, council officers, partner organisations and feedback from communities, outlines the vision and priorities of the authority between 2023 and 2027.

Through the plan, our aim is to keep working with partners and communities to ensure the borough is:

  • Greener: We are a greener and more sustainable borough and on track to meet our net zero carbon targets. 
  • Fairer: Our children and young people have a fairer start in life and residents are supported when needed throughout their lifetime. Inequality has been reduced and every resident has increased opportunities for a happy and healthy life.
  • Safer: Our borough stays safe, well maintained and resilient so individuals and communities can thrive and prosper. 
  • Together: We have strong relationships with partners and work together with our communities to achieve our shared ambitions.

Additionally, through our Future Council commitment we will ensure that the council is set for the future, is managed effectively and responsibly in the best interests of communities and delivery is supported by high quality services.

Councillor Andreas Kirsch, leader of Kingston Council, said: 

“This plan was formed by feedback from our many communities, partners, councillors and officers - a huge thank you once again to everyone involved.


“The cost of living crisis, inflation and unprecedented energy price rises are affecting many of our residents and businesses. This is increasing demand on our services, driving up our costs and resulting in significant financial challenges. This shows we are fully committed to doing what we can to tackle the challenging economic and environmental conditions that we are working in.


“Our Council Plan is more than a document – it is a vision and commitment of what we can do together to make Kingston greener, fairer and safer – to build on our successes and overcome challenges together, to deliver our shared ambitions for everyone in the borough.” 

More information about the plan is available at

Published: 12th May 2023