Kingston homes revamped to slash energy bills and cut carbon emissions

A home which has had works undertaken has part of the Warm Homes programme.

Fifteen Kingston homes have been given an energy-efficient makeover as the borough leads the way on a London initiative to tackle climate change and the cost of living crisis.

The homes on the Riverhill Estate in Worcester Park have been retrofitted with external wall insulation to make them cheaper to heat and reduce their carbon emissions.

The council has been promoting the Mayor of London’s Warmer Homes scheme, which provides free heating, insulation and ventilation improvements for eligible low income Londoners. 

There have been over 100 applications from Kingston residents with 15 homes having completed the works, which is the most out of any London borough so far.

One Kingston resident who has had the work done said:

“The place is so cosy! Last year, our energy bill was around £200 a month. Prices have gone up, but I am convinced we will be saving money. We are over the moon, we really are.


“My granddaughter came round the other day and it was so warm, she thought the radiators were on, but they weren’t.”

Councillor Ian Manders, Portfolio Holder for Climate Action and Sustainable Transport said:

“Improving the energy efficiency of homes in Kingston, is a vital part of tackling climate change while ensuring that homes are warm and safe for people to live in. 


“While we are grateful to the London Mayor for the funding, it is not enough for the scale of the problem of cold homes that cost too much to heat. Only central Government has the funding firepower to make the necessary improvements to the energy efficiency of housing for those who cannot pay.


“The sharp rise in energy bills means that, across the borough, millions of pounds extra is leaving the pockets of residents and businesses. That’s money that could make a real difference for local people facing the cost of living crisis but also money that could help the borough’s economy grow and thrive."

Housing across London is responsible for roughly a third of carbon emissions in the capital, with 80% of all London homes expected to exist in 2050 having already been built which is why it’s important that homes become as energy efficient as possible, as soon as possible.

The council has also sourced funding from the Greater London Authority to commission a support service to help Kingston residents through the Warmer Homes application process, making it as easy as possible to access the funding. If you would like help applying, contact Thinking Works on 0800 118 23 27 or

Published: 18th January 2023