Kingston litter fines start today

Environmental enforcement officers patrolling kingston

Residents and visitors to the borough of Kingston will receive an on-the-spot fine of £80 for dropping litter from today (Monday 8 June).

This initiative is being closely followed on Thursday 2 July by the introduction of fines for those who allow their dogs to foul and don’t clear it up. Leaving dog foul on pavements or in public spaces will result in a £100 fine.

The fixed penalty notices will be issued by environmental enforcement officers and a reduction in the price will be available for those who pay within 10 days.

NSL Ltd have been awarded the contract to enforce the environmental scheme, the funding of which will come directly from fines, rather than from the Council’s budget. This means that it will come at no cost to the Council or residents.

The pilot scheme, running to December 2015, is initially operating in North Kingston, Kingston town centre and Surbiton and covers streets, parks, open spaces and housing estates within these areas.

Signs are up around the designated areas, urging the public to keep their borough clean and reminding those who litter or allow their dog to foul that they could face a penalty for their actions.

Councillor David Cunningham, Lead Member for Environment and Transport at Kingston Council, said:

“It costs £2 million a year to clean up litter and dog fouling in our borough, money that could be better spent protecting our frontline services.

“The All in One borough survey showed that while nine in ten people think that street cleaning is important, only half are satisfied with the cleanliness of the borough.

“We know the vast majority of our residents do the right thing, however to those who don’t our message is very clear - if you litter or let your dog foul in our borough, we will expect you to help pay the costs of clearing it up.”

If the pilot scheme is successful, it will be rolled out to other areas of the borough in 2016.

You can find out more about this initiative in environment.