South West London Adoption Consortium website gets its premiere

The red carpet was rolled out for National Adoption Week with the launch of the South West London Adoption (SWLA) Consortium’s new website –

Held at Wimbledon’s HMV Curzon cinema, it was a star-studded affair, with successful adopters, local practitioners and industry experts there to celebrate the Consortium’s new look and its continued success through working together.

The SWLA Consortium is a gateway for people interested in adoption and covers the four London boroughs of Kingston, Merton, Richmond and Sutton. The Consortium has mirrored recent national success of a 63 per cent increase in children being placed for adoption between 2011 and 2014. However, through collaboration it has also achieved a more consistent approach, securing homes for children of a greater diversity of needs.

Dr Mac Heath, Chair of the SWLA Consortium, who hosted the launch said:

“Our successes as a Consortium to date are to be celebrated. Moving forward our commitment to be ambitious for all our children to be given the best opportunity for permanency will continue to be best achieved through working together.

“The new website, which could only have been achieved through partnership, will be the window into the world of adoption for many prospective parents. I am proud to present them with such a friendly, welcoming site that provides an invaluable resource and perfectly reflects the Consortium’s ethos thathomes come in all shapes and sizes.” 

SWLA website
The website’s engaging design and content will enable prospective adopters to find out more about the process and help them decide if it is the right path to take. Created by design agency Kindred, in close partnership with officers from the Consortium boroughs, the site’s interactivity also allows visitors to make enquiries, book into information meetings and complete a quiz to find out if adoption is right for them.

In addition to launching the website, there were presentations from practitioners and specialists in adoption. Much of the discussion focussed on the key themes of love, family and storytelling. A particular highlight was a talk from Gunny M, a local adoptive parent who spoke passionately about her experiences and the need for adopters and professionals to work together to get the best for the children at the heart of the story.

For further information about the South West London Adoption Consortium, visit the site at or call 0300 123 8085.