Knollmead School to consider permanent expansion

Kingston Council has asked the governing bodies of Coombe Secondary Schools Academy Trust and Knollmead School to consider permanent expansion of the Primary School.

Knollmead Primary School is part of the Coombe Secondary Schools Academy Trust. The school is located in Surbiton in an area where significant population growth is forecast and so the Council is inviting the bodies to consider a permanent expansion of Knollmead to take two forms of entry from 2017.  

Councillor Andrea Craig, Lead Member for Learning and Children's Services, said "Under the partnership with the Coombe Secondary Schools Academy Trust, Knollmead is already beginning to show the improvement that we want for this school and its community.“

“This is an exciting time and we would like Knollmead to be part of our strategic school place planning programme which will ensure that we can provide enough places for all of our primary children in good schools.”

“The Council recognises its responsibility to support Coombe in helping Knollmead on its improvement journey and, as a first step we will be investing in two high quality teaching spaces for the Summer term. This will provide the school ?with ?additional space to continue improving the quality of learning for children." 

Deborah Walls, the Headteacher of the Coombe Secondary Schools Academy Trust said "As parents will know, we are very focussed on ensuring the high quality teaching experience at Knollmead that parents would expect.”

“Kingston Council has offered to commission a full feasibility so that governors are able to make careful and considered decisions over the coming months. The governing body will consider proposals from the Council very carefully and make sure that we move at a pace that is right for both the school communities and the local community.”