Kingston Council welcomes the Metropolitan Police’s announcement of increased visibility in the town centre

Kingston Council welcomes the news that the town centre is to get 25 new police officers as part of a London-wide investment into town centre policing.

The new Town Centre Team will aim to make Kingston safer through proactive patrols and to increase public confidence in the police force through community engagement.

Kingston’s team will consist of 21 constables, three sergeants and one inspector and aims to be in place by December this year.

Councillor Caroline Kerr, Leader of the Council, said: 

It is great news for Kingston that there will be more police officers patrolling the town centre by the end of the year. I am proud of our local police force and the incredible work they do to keep us safe, but we know that resources have been limited, and we have been calling for increased police presence. 


The new team addresses these concerns, and will help to look after all of us. Their presence will make the town centre a safer place for everyone. 


We understand how important safety is for residents. The Council is already working with the Safer Kingston Partnership, which includes the Metropolitan Police, the Fire Brigade and the Clinical Commissioning Group,  to make the whole borough a safer place. For example, we are working with Kingston Race and Equalities Council around hate crime and Kingston Council is also carrying out a year long programme to address the safety of women and girls in the borough.


Today’s big boost in police numbers in the town centre will really support our ambition of a safer borough for all.

Published: 4th October 2021