Leader of Kingston Council condemns SWR’s proposed cuts to trains into Kingston

South Western Railway’s proposal to reduce its frequency of rail services has been strongly criticised by the Leader of Kingston Council, Caroline Kerr.

The proposed changes would impact upon many peak and off-peak services at key stations in the borough, such as Kingston, Norbiton, New Malden and Worcester Park. 

Councillor Kerr strongly condemned the proposals, saying:

Many people who live, work, study or visit our borough rely on frequent and fast links across Kingston, and into central London. 


These proposals, made earlier in the year, are incredibly short-sighted, and will have a detrimental impact on those commuting into and out of Kingston.


They come at a time when many councils, ourselves included, have declared a climate emergency and are working hard to encourage use of sustainable transport.


These proposals directly contrast this approach, threatening to make public transport more inconvenient to residents at exactly the time when we need to be presenting it as a convenient, affordable and reliable alternative.


What’s more, many people will be unaware that a consultation is even taking place due to a lack of promotion. Those that are aware will struggle to understand what the changes will mean in practise, due to the confusing and unclear manner in which it has been presented.


We call on South Western Railway to withdraw these proposals. If they are set on continuing with them, we urge them to communicate the proposals more clearly, with a proposed timetable, for our impacted residents.


I would encourage residents to make their voices heard by taking part in South Western Railway’s consultation, which will be open until September 19 2021.

Once you have looked at the proposed changes, South Western Railway are requesting that you email [email protected] to have your views heard.

Watch Cllr Caroline Kerr's video, condeming the proposals, below:

Published: 9th September 2021