Lifesaving defibrillator for Beverley Park

A new public access defibrillator with the potential to save lives has been installed at Beverley Park Pavilion in New Malden.

The installation took place as a result of an initiative promoted by the 'Friends of Beverley Park' with local Councillors paying for the defibrillator via their ward funding.

Every year 30,000 people in the UK have a cardiac arrest outside a hospital, just 1 in 10 survive. Prompt defibrillation, in the first few minutes, before an ambulance arrives is known to improve outcome dramatically - Every minute counts!

The device is designed to be simple to use so rescuers whether they are an experienced rescuer or a first-time responder can deliver effective therapy with confidence. The defibrillator 'talks' the rescuer through the steps required for safe use and thousands of people have used a defibrillator without any prior training.

Most importantly, the machine will not deliver a shock to anyone who does not need it. Untrained bystanders can use it, safe in the knowledge that they will not make things worse. It will be positioned on the pavilion wall in an unlocked cabinet that can be accessed by all.

Councillor Lesley Heap, Vice Chair Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood and Councillor Mark Durrant said:

Defibrillators can and do save lives - we are delighted to have installed one in Beverley Park.

Gary Jones, founder member of the Friends group said:

Local residents and visitors use Beverley Park for recreational use and enjoyment. There had been concerns that there was no defibrillator close by for use in emergencies and we are delighted that this has now been addressed.

The London Ambulance Service will provide one free training session for up to 12 people. The training will be three hours in duration and they are happy to provide it when it is most convenient including evenings and weekends. The training will be for people who will ge the most benefit such as local businesses/premises near the park.

Simple instructions on how to use the defibrillator can be found online here.




Published: 7th June 2021