Challenge to turn holiday hangovers into alcohol-free January

Help is at hand for people who want to give up or cut back on the booze post-Christmas.

To coincide with a national Dry January campaign, public health chiefs are  encouraging people to get online to find out more about their drinking and how to make safe and healthy choices.

Kingston Council’s website,, lets people calculate how many calories of alcohol they consumed over Christmas and offers tips about cutting down.

The website includes a confidential and anonymous questionnaire designed to assess drinking levels and any risks to health.

An estimated 27,000 people in the borough are in the 'increasing risk' category for alcohol-related harm due to the amount they consume.

More than 400 Kingston University students have used the website since it was piloted in the autumn.

Iona Lidington, Kingston’s Associate Director of Public Health, said:

"January is a good time to make a fresh start health-wise. It’s a chance to lose weight, feel better and save money.

"Our website can help people who want to cut out or just cut back on their drinking and check for themselves how their drinking habits might be affecting their health."

For more information about Dry January, an Alcohol Concern campaign, go to