Music lessons

Music lessons for a child 5-18 in school

Arrangements for all music lessons are subject to change in line with current COVID restrictions. In the event of school closures lessons will take place online.

If your child goes to school in the borough, we can arrange for them to have music lessons during the school day at the school. Lesson times are set by the school to fit with their timetables so exact lesson times will vary from school to school. We deliver 10 lessons each term.

Infant schools will offer musicianship (for Reception and Year 1) and Infant recorder and ukulele groups (for Year 2)

Most school lessons will be offered as 30 minute group lessons.  If you would prefer an individual lesson, you may prefer applying for lessons at one of our music centres.

Lessons at The Kingston Academy and Hollyfield School are 25 minutes long.

How much are music lessons?

You can see the latest cost for music lessons on our Fees & Payment page.

How do I apply?

Apply for music lessons at school (This link will take you to the KMS Application form) 

Once you complete the application form, you will be added to our waiting list and a member of our team will be in contact once a lesson time becomes available.  Sometimes this will happen quickly, other times there may be a delay if there are no available times or if the school has limited time or space for lessons. We will try to keep you updated and will advise if lessons are available at one of our music centres.

Once you have been offered a lesson time that you are happy with, please confirm your acceptance through email and you will then receive a confirmation and be invoiced for the term ahead.

I am signed up for lessons but don’t have an instrument

You can hire an instrument from KMS or purchase one using our Assisted Instrument Purchase (AIP) scheme. 

How do I pay for lessons? 

You will be invoiced a term in advance by email and you can pay online. If you haven't received your invoice a week before the start of your scheduled tuition, please email [email protected]  

You can also pay on the phone by calling 02085475050

My child no longer wants to learn, how do I cancel lessons?

We always encourage parents to persist with lessons for at least a term in the beginning and communicate with their child’s instrument tutor through the practice notebook.  If there are any problems with lessons, you can contact us on [email protected]

If you would still like to cancel tuition, we require half a term’s written notice.  

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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