Nominate someone for the Mayor's Community Awards

UPDATE: 12/3/21

It is not possible to hold the group presentation on 15/3/21 due to current government guidelines on the pandemic. Therefore, winners will be invited to individual presentations or virtual presentations in mid April. We will be contacting all nominators and notifying any winners over the following few days.

We're looking for people who have given up their own time to help other people or the community. They may deserve recognition for their supreme effort, strength, bravery or achievement.

The deadline to nominate someone for this year’s Awards is 5pm on Tuesday 26th January 2021

In response to the level of support shown by a large number of people in the local community (by residents and local organisations) who answered the call to support others during the pandemic, we are extending this year’s Awards to include a number of special Covid Awards so please also consider nominating people locally for their support of the local community during the last 11 months of the pandemic.

Nominate someone for the Mayor's Community awards

Nominate someone for the special Covid awards

All nominees for the Mayor's Community awards should:

  • not be employed by Kingston Council (as staff awards exist already)

  • be someone who has given up their own time and without prompting and offered to help other people or the community

Awards will not normally be given to individuals who are employed to perform a specific community role. These awards are intended to recognise individuals who give up their own time to help others. Nominations will continue to be considered in exceptional circumstances, particularly if the individual does other voluntary work or satisfies other criteria.

Nominees should also be one or more of the following:

  • someone whose service to the Community is worthy of special recognition

  • someone who deserves recognition for their supreme effort, strength, bravery or achievement

  • someone who has achieved something, which benefits the neighbourhood or even the whole of our borough

Young people

The Mayor would also like to present a special ‘Young Person’ Community Award (to someone under the age of 21). So please also consider nominating young people who may be setting an example to their peers by the voluntary work they undertake. (This excludes community work undertaken as part of the Duke of Edinburgh or other similar programme). 

Covid Awards

The criteria for this year’s special Covid Awards will be based on the existing Community Awards but, as well as individuals, it has been widened to include nominations for:

  • Teams or Groups of volunteers

  • Community Groups/Charitable Organisations

  • Commercial Organisations

Any Covid Award nominations should include information to show:

  • Direct support of local Kingston residents due to the pandemic

  • Direct support of local Kingston community groups/charities/organisations due the pandemic

  • The overall level of support or services provided over the last 11 months to local residents/local charities/local organisations due to the pandemic


The deadline for Nominations is, 5pm on Tuesday 26th January 2021.

The Awards Ceremony will be take place on Monday 15th March 2021 at 12 noon to 2pm in the Council Chamber, Guildhall.  If that is not possible, due to government guidelines at that time, then a date and time will be agreed with each Award Winner and Nominator for a small presentation to take place either in the Mayor’s Parlour or virtually on line - depending on the covid restrictions that are in place in early March.

To nominate for the annual Mayor’s Community Awards. Please complete The Mayor's Community Awards Nomination Form 

To nominate for this year’s special Covid Awards. Please complete The Special Covid Awards Nomination Form


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