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About the Economic Recovery Task Force

On 28 May 2020, the Council’s Response & Recovery Committee supported the establishment of a new ‘Economic Recovery Task Force’ as part of the emergency response to adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which focuses on COVID-19 business recovery and support measures, skills and employment support initiatives as well as targeted mitigation/investment for recovery. 

The ERTF key objective is to coordinate and maximise its effectiveness as a partnership to achieve as rapid economic recovery as safely as possible. By doing so, this will  help shape the form of a renewed economy, focused on growth sectors, that will allow residents and businesses to adapt and thrive sustainably in the ‘new normal’ post pandemic world.

Central to a successful ERTF delivery and subsequent programme is strong partnership, intelligence and knowledge, data collection/analyst sharing insights, and innovation, ownership of delivery and crucially resources. The ERTF will also seek to influence the Mayor of London’s Recovery Board to ensure consistency with regional economic recovery and lobby on behalf of Kingston for investment and support within the Greater London context.

The ERTF will guide, coordinate and support Kingston’s economic recovery from the impact of the current pandemic, aiming to create a more resilient borough,  would include being a major employer, having expertise in education and skills, enabling influence with public funding bodies and expertise in key professions, eg. transport, economy, development.

The ERTF Force has been meeting every 6-8 weeks since July 2020.  A wider ‘pool’ of members are supporting and contributing to the Task Force, through  themed  work streams and sub groups.  All members of the Task Force will be there on a voluntary basis.

The initial focus will be based on key themes of:

  • skills, employment and apprenticeship support initiatives;
  • digital inclusion and access 
  • investment and place promotion  
  • green economy 

Royal Borough of Kingston will be working with partners, businesses, voluntary sector and other local organisations including: 

  • Kingston First 
  • Kingston Chamber of Commerce 
  • Kingston Business Forum
  • John Lewis Partnerships
  • Bentalls Centre
  • Kingston College
  • Achieving for Children
  • Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College 
  • Reed in Partnership
  • Kingston Adult Education
  • Kingston Libraries
  • Kingston University
  • Superhighways
  • Aviva
  • Unilever UK & Ireland 
  • Merlin Entertainment 
  • London & Partners
  • Lidl UK
  • Kingston Hospital TRust
  • Thames Water
  • Greater London Authority
  • Transport for London 
  • London Councils 
  • South London Partnership 
  • Center for London
  • Surrey County Council
  • London Wildlife Trust
  • Circular Economy Club London



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