Get help from domestic or sexual violence

Support groups for people affected by domestic violence

Specialised support is available for various groups of people affected by domestic violence.

Support groups and empowerment programmes for women in Kingston

There are a number of groups in Kingston which are free to access. Within these groups you can meet women who have had similar experiences, and develop your confidence, self-esteem and empowerment as a woman.

Some groups offer informal support and operate on a ‘drop in’ basis, while others deliver a ten week programme of activities which will help you to understand your experiences and to expect more in the future.

“[The empowerment group] has given me back my independence. My confidence has come back. I like myself again”.

Please call the DV Hub to talk about the network of support on offer in Kingston. If you would like to provide feedback on services or be involved in the focus group which works to develop Kingston’s domestic violence services, please email the DV Hub.

Support for Black and minority ethnic women and children

The Government’s leaflet 'Three steps to escaping domestic violence' is aimed specifically at women in black and minority ethnic communities, covering advice on three steps to escaping violence and abuse. It is available in 13 languages.

Support for young people

Whatever your age, you can be in an abusive relationship. See 'help for young people in abusive relationships' for more information.

Support for parents with children affected by domestic violence

Witnessing or hearing domestic violence impacts upon your child’s wellbeing, and this can add to your worries.

You can access support for your children in Kingston by calling our Single Point of Access (SPA) Team. They can offer different packages of support for your child, for example they can put you in touch with the Saferspace project worker, who will meet with your child, giving them a ‘safe space’ to talk about their own experiences.

You can also talk to someone about this project at the DV Hub or at the One Stop Shop.

There are also some good national organisations that you can contact for information on how best to support your child:

  • contact the NSPCC helpline
  • look for information and advice online at The Hideout
  • read the NSPCC booklet about mums and children and domestic violence